It is known that the education is a transformer instrument of the social reality and its results propose the reflection, the positioning, the decision make and the choice of alternatives to the daily impasses.

Being this education mainly focused on the freedom of choice, the empowering of the individual, group of people or society, the building of the knowledge and the formation for the job world.

A look on the complete citizen allows the exercise of the reflection about the human and social rights aiming the defense and the guarantee of the rights of the citizen in a society, comprehended by educational actions, involving the school, the family and the society.

This way, it is pressing for discussion, the citizen reflection and formation around the importance of protecting the society from any kind of violence, abuse or exploitation of violated rights, through schools, universities and public and private institutions. It is also proposed, to extend the discussion of this theme in a network of promotion and defense of rights aiming the prevention and the fight against any act of violence against the person, family or society, through sensitization, information, capacitation and foment of partnerships for the service and monitoring of denunciations, for the application of ways to repair the violated rights and accountability of those who caused the supposed violations.

It is intended to systematize and disclose data related to the reality to the subsidization for the formulation of new public policies, to promote educational actions and activities of formation of the ones involved and enlightenment on human and social rights, besides the development of educational actions that guarantee autonomy and empowering of the individual, group or victims of violence in its different identified kinds.

It is believed that collective and education related actions can minimize the acts of violence in the society. In search of the transformation of the society the union between public and private institutions, civil society and the educational system is necessary, considering education alone do not transform the society, however, without it the society can not move forward.



  • Playful activities;

  • Capacitation;

  • Advisory;

  • Courses;

  • Events;

  • Forums;

  • Formation of social multipliers;

  • Support groups;

  • Lectures;

  • Partnerships and technical-professional collaborations;

  • Public researches and diagnosis;

  • Planning and Management of Social Policies;

  • Meetings;

  • Technical Visits;