• To develop studies and researches and to promote its dissemination, focused on the issues of violence in its different ways of manifestation in the society, aiming the subsidizing of public policies in the fields of education, human and social rights;

  • To develop preventative and informative actions about the violation of rights, aiming the mobilizing, articulation, formation of partnership and the continuous sensitization of the civil society, the family and the victim;

  • To offer pedagogical and educational actions about the violence issue, abuse or the exploitation of children, teenagers and adults, women and elderly, through the seminars, conferences, lectures, advisory or study groups to public or private institutions of the civil society, school, university or groups of interest;

  • To develop and promote the guarantee of rights violated in the educational system as an instrument of promotion of education and defense of the human and social rights;

  • To strengthen the human and social capital with actions of education for citizenship, formation of leadership and social organization.


Target Audience

  • Educators and students;

  • Children, teenagers, adults and elderly which rights were violated by oppression, abuse, violence or exploitation;

  • Women victims of domestic violence;

  • Managers of public or private institutions.


The childhood and youth become more and more pressing of attention and care, considering the children and the teenagers need guarantees of fundamental rights towards their physical, mental, psychological, moral and social development, assured with priority by the Government, by the Family and by the Society.


Even with all the legal trappings and the family care, we witness everyday children and   teenagers being brutally ravished, disrespected, exploited, and therefore having their   rights and conditions for development violated. Highlighting that the violence against   children and teenagers is present in all social classes, ethnicities, religions, genders an   it is deeply connected to the way they relate to the society.


 It is perceived that this issue needs special attention from the whole society, in the   schools, in the family and the social environments generally, through educational and   preventative actions that intend to inform and qualify the society, the children and the   teenagers about violated rights making them protagonists of their own story and  development.


We know historically the conquests of women imposing equality and expanding their area of performance in the society and the job market, competing with men, making political decisions, developing researches, performing in military experiences, sharing the time between the domestic tasks and work, being a worker, a wife and a mother at the time, and often, the head of the family.


Not always, the woman described above finds space to her conquests and tranquility in her family, social and professional life. A lot of these women suffer many different kinds of violence, mainly at home with their partners, in certain religions under the condition of submission and also a victim of male chauvinist discrimination, that need to be banned from society. 

The vulnerability and the permanence of the woman in this vicious cycle of violence is accentuated, being the lack of hope, of information and direction the reasons that keep them in this situation.

It is pressing, in this context of violence experienced by the woman, the need to capacitate her for the coping and set her free from these deplorable conditions alluded to the male chauvinist society, through lectures, courses, workshops, orientation and motivation to enter the job market, search for autonomy, independence and social empowering.


It is also observed, that the increase of the lifespan is a factor that also needs special attention, it is import to reach the old age with dignity, overall, because not all of us age the same way.

The discrimination and lack of respect for the person who ages and the obstacles faced by the elderly in the exercise of life is perceived daily. The mistreatment to the elderly and other forms of family violence have been checked as an occult form of violence.

A reflection of the aging issue is necessary and how the public and private institutions, the society and the family have been organizing to attend this growing demand, overall in the issue that involves violence.


It is known that the violence is one of the main problems experienced in the modern society. The violence reflects the fragility of the social organization, represented by the family, by the society, by the public or private organizational institutions, considering that the victims, most of the time, belong to the most vulnerable groups of the society, characterized by age, gender, race, religion, with no distinction of social class.

Focus of attention and action

  • Abuse, exploitation or sexual violence;

  • Verbal or physical aggression;

  • Moral harassment;

  • Bulling;

  • Discrimination;

  • Education, human rights and researches;

  • Mistreatment and negligence;

  • Pedophilia;

  • Family violence.

Our act

It is known that the education is a transformer instrument of the social reality and its results propose the reflection, the positioning, the decision make and the choice of alternatives to the daily impasses.

Being this education mainly focused on the freedom of choice, the empowering of the individual, group of people or society, the building of the knowledge and the formation for the job world.

A look on the complete citizen allows the exercise of the reflection about the human and social rights aiming the defense and the guarantee of the rights of the citizen in a society, comprehended by educational actions, involving the school, the family and the society.

This way, it is pressing for discussion, the citizen reflection and formation around the importance of protecting the society from any kind of violence, abuse or exploitation of violated rights, through schools, universities and public and private institutions. It is also proposed, to extend the discussion of this theme in a network of promotion and defense of rights aiming the prevention and the fight against any act of violence against the person, family or society, through sensitization, information, capacitation and foment of partnerships for the service and monitoring of denunciations, for the application of ways to repair the violated rights and accountability of those who caused the supposed violations.

It is intended to systematize and disclose data related to the reality to the subsidization for the formulation of new public policies, to promote educational actions and activities of formation of the ones involved and enlightenment on human and social rights, besides the development of educational actions that guarantee autonomy and empowering of the individual, group or victims of violence in its different identified kinds.

It is believed that collective and education related actions can minimize the acts of violence in the society. In search of the transformation of the society the union between public and private institutions, civil society and the educational system is necessary, considering education alone do not transform the society, however, without it the society can not move forward.


Activities involved:

  • Playful activities;

  • Capacitation;

  • Advisory;

  • Courses;

  • Events;

  • Forums;

  • Formation of social multipliers;

  • Support groups;

  • Lectures;

  • Partnerships and technical-professional collaborations;

  • Public researches and diagnosis;

  • Planning and Management of Social Policies;

  • Meetings;

  • Technical Visits;

  • Workshops.