The corporate education proposes  people development capacitating the employees from a certain company. The aim of this process is to encourage and develop a continuous learning culture, developing abilities and competences, adopting values aligned with the organization’s goals. This model contributes with the company’s development because connects the strategic process with the most productive employees, providing a better market performance.


The scenario is based in a strong competition. The company needs to be aligned to the market seeking to be ahead of the others, its goals and profit. Just investing in advanced technonology, benefits and excellent wages for employees is not enough to keep the company on a favorable and competitive position in this scenario. Beyond those relevant actions, the company should invest on its most important part: human power. In this context,  Corporate Education is the best tool to be used.


Goals to be reached:

  • To connect employees with organizational culture;

  • To develop procedures;

  • To create, develop and standardize behavioral attitudes;

  • To qualify the employees in a continuous and permanent way regarding market orientation;

  • To enable the employees in order to expand their activities;

  • To provide orientation regarding good pratices of health, safety and environment;

  • To develop leadership and management abilities;

  • To develop the knowledge and good pratices in order to improve the quality of life inside and outside work environment;

  • To enable employees based on a formal learning system when a legal need is necessary for the performnce of their finctions;

  • To create flows and develop productive chain processes.


The Corporate Education aims the improvement of quality results aligned with organization’s strategy and focus on profit and process advance. In this perspective, enables the employees with goals, pratices and contents oriented to improve business performance. The process comprises training and qualification in person or on line.

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