AMHURA EDUCATIONAL - HUMAN ENVIRONMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY LLC is an educational, consulting, planning and business management company. It acts in the following areas: Corporate Education, Environment and Social Responsibility - focusing on organizational development, teaching, environmental protection and human rights.


Founded in June 05thof 2016 in the State of Florida – USA having as its legal representative the Professor Post-Graduate Doctor in Education Sciences Bárbara Lobo, with wide experience in organizational management and training, environmental and public policies of social services. University teacher of the environmental areas, planning and oil, mainly to courses of engineering: civil, oil, production, chemical and environmental. Teacher of the first stages of education: pre-school and elementary/middle school.


Higher Education Academic Degrees:

  • Graduation in Pedagogy;

  • Post-Graduation “Lato Sensu” Specialization in Oil Engineering;

  • Post-Graduation “Lato Sensu” Specialization in Transdisciplinary Theories and Practices and Violence: Health, Law Studies and Education;

  • Post-Graduation “Stricto Sensu” Master’s Degree in Health and Environmental Sciences;

  • Post-Graduation “Stricto Sensu” Doctor’s Degree in Education;

  • Post-Graduation “Stricto Sensu” Post-Doctorate in Education Sciences, Ph.D.


To transform the society through corporate education, consulting and management improving our customer’s organizational culture and results.



To be a quality and excellence reference in corporate education, consulting and management in the United States until 2026.



  • Ethics

  • Excellence

  • Initiative

  • Integrity

  • Transformation